11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat pani puri. I hv so much craving about pani puri

Answer: Sometimes one or two you can eat but better if you prepare it at home. But puri from bakery, stuff and pani prepare at home.
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Question: Dear doctor i have too much craving to eat pani puri...i ate today is that okay!!!!
Answer: Hi dear, you can eat everything except food which has hit.... But important thing is whatever you eat that should be hygienic... Like place should be clean, it should be fresh food, vegetables should be washed etc... If you are eating outside food then specially take care about these things... Otherwise you can prepare any thing at home and eat as per your cravings... All the best
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Question: can i eat pani puri
Answer: ya u can take it but moderately... don't take too much...its only craving food not nutritious and not good for u r health..
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Question: Can i eat pani puri
Answer: Yes you can.But avoid over eating.Make sure it's prepared in hygienic conditions with fresh ingredients.Don't have it from a street vendor or even from any other restaurant.Not even from places that seem hygienic, don't take chances.Make it at home and satisfy your cravings.
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