33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat one banana daily iam at 32 week

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Answer: Yes you can definitely have one banana on daily basis Banana is very good source of folate and it will help you with growth of your baby
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Question: Eat 2 banana daily starting from my pregnancy. Is it safe to eat now at 32 week and after that ?
Answer: Hi. Yes dear banan is safe to have any time of pregnancy. It contains.folic acid, vitamins, potassium , fiber etc which are very important to have during pregnancy. I had it entire pregnancy and never faced any issue. Just make sure you have in moderation if had in huge amount it will cause constipation.
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Question: Am 7months pregnant can I eat daily one banana
Answer: Hello... Yes,you can have banana,it gives you good colon health as it is rich in fibre,relives from constipation, prevents anemia,and also protects cramps happens during pregnancy,it is best to have one banana in a day during pregnancy, will relieve you from pregnancy related health issues..
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Question: Can we eat daily one banana
Answer: Banana is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. You may have it once in a day. It helps in the brain development and the development of nervous system of the baby and also gives you a lot of dietary fiber. Good for both of you
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