27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat patanjali noodles

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Answer: Hi. Noodle are not at all good during pregnancy. They are made of maida which is hard to digest. They dont even contains any nutrition and having healthy food is very important now. So better to avoid.
Answer: Hi dear, You can have it once for a while in moderation.. Please note all the instant noodles contain less or more MSG and other chemicals. More consumption can can harm your baby, but once it's ok.
Answer: No please noodles are harmful during pregnancy try to avoid it
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Question: Can i eat patanjali atta noodles
Answer: Its safe to eat noodles once in a while to satisfy your craving. ..no harm if you eat occasionaly...however we better avoid it eating on a regular basis . It serves no nutritional addition to your body. So to conclude we will be better if we do not eat noodles during pregnancy.
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Question: Can i have patanjali ata noodles ones?
Answer: Hello dear,  Maggi noodles have got a kind of wax on it which keeps it from sticking together which takes one day to get digested. So in that way is it harmful toeat maggi noodles or any other noodles during pregnancy. For Changing, you can enjoy at once. Take care urself...
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Question: Can i eat noodles?
Answer: Once in a while ok, add vegetables to it. Avoid outside street noodles
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Question: Can i eat Noodles??
Answer: See if u eat healty food its good for you actually. Noodles is a weight gaining receipe. Avoid junk food and chinese items in pragnancy.
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