8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat non veg during trimister?

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Answer: Hello dear... Yes,you can have non veg,but it should be cooked well ,and avoid having it in dinner,it may cause indigestion
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    AS S87 days ago


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Question: Can we eat non veg during pregnancy
Answer: It is vital for a non-vegetarian mother to include meat in her diet, but this should also be done with some care and restrictions. Research suggests that raw meat contains Listeria bacteria and must be avoided during pregnancy. There may also be some other parasites in uncooked meat like Toxoplasma gondii, which can cause vomiting, foetal damages, and also miscarriages in expecting women.
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Question: can eat non. veg during 1st trimister .. like ckn, mutton, fish $ egg or any limitations present pls tell
Answer: Avoid fish, papaya, pineapple. And non-veg should be well cooked before eating.
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Question: Can I eat non veg
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Yes you can eat non veg. Especially chicken promotes metabolism and build up energy in the body. Chicken that has been recently cooked and is still under the warmer is fine. However please consume it moderately. Also confirm with your dieteican before consumption. Hope this information was information was helpful.
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