10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I eat mango during pregnancy

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Answer: No
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Question: Can i eat mango aachar during pregnancy suffering form diabetes.
Answer: Hey, U r suffering from gestational diabetes right, then eating sweet Mango pickle is not recommended as it contains either sugar or jaggery in large portion. If you are getting getting too much craving sometimes very small portion you can eat but better to control your cravings as far as possible. Tk care dear.
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Question: Can i eat ripen mango in early pregnancy?
Answer: Mangoes, raw or ripe, can be consumed during pregnancy and are safe. Ripemangoes stimulate appetite, help in digestion, and can help improve complexion. Raw mangoes contain vitamins that fight acidity and morning sickness, making it completely safe for consumption during pregnancy.
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Question: Can I eat mango ice cream during 6 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes you can but in moderation...as consuming too much sugar can lead to gestational diabetes mellitus... Which may make late pregnancy difficult and may given complication during delivery...
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