11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat manchuria??

1 Answers
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it can be eaten but please have it in moderate quantity. Also make sure ajinomoto is not part of the recipe. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i eat spicy food like Manchuria!
Answer: You can have spicy food as much as you can tolerate. But avoid manchurian or roadside Chinese cos they put MSG Aand Ajinomoto which is not good
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Question: We can eat Manchuria
Answer: Hi dear you must mean to say manchurian. Darling you can eat manchurian there is nothing wrong in it. It has alot of vegetables in it so it's completely safe and healthy for you. The only thing is avoid eating it from outside. A little quantity is completely safe if eaten from outside also. So don't worry. You can enjoy manchurian during pregnancy...
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Question: Can I eat Gobi Manchuria
Answer: Hi You can eat but make sure you eat in a limit. As excess of anything Is not considered okay during pregnancy Hope this helps
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