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Question: can I eat litchi

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Answer: Yes.. you can eat litchi but consuming a large quantity of litchi may cause high sugar level in your blood. It might result in diabetes during pregnancy.
Answer: It is good for pregnant lady its improve blood circulation is boost immunity but you should control quantity
Answer: Taste k liye 1ya 2 le skte ho normally ye pregnant lady K liye garam hoti hai
Answer: No..
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Question: Can i eat litchi
Answer: In general, it is not safe to eat litchi during pregnancy since it is known to raise blood sugar levels in and lead to gestational diabetes. Litchis may also contribute to contracting infections and result in haemorrhage. This is an extreme case, but it is still recommended not to consume litchi during pregnancy. However, if litchis are something that you can’t live without, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or dietician before choosing to add litchis to your pregnancy diet.
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Question: Can i eat litchi?
Answer: Hello dear. Litchi which is a tropical fruit is a part of the Sapindaceae fruit family and belongs to the evergreen variety. Yes you can have litchi. However,please confirm with your dieteican before consumption. Here are a few benefits of litchi: Provides an excellent boost to your immunity Controls the circulation of blood in your body. Ensuring good bowel movements. Provide energy to your system. Take care.
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Question: Can i eat litchi
Answer: you are pregnant, then you need to exercise caution while eating litchis. There are many side-effects of consuming this fruit in excessive amounts, and it can lead to many complications during your special months. We got many  negative effects of eating litchi fruit during pregnancy in excessive amounts:
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