11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat lays kurkure chips I'm 10th week pregnant

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Answer: can I eat peanuts
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Question: Pregnant women can eat lays chips?
Answer: Avoiding junk food is good during pregnancy
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Question: Can I eat blue lays and kurkure?
Answer: Hello Dear If you enjoy a little junk food now and then, it won't hurt your breastfeeding baby. It's not that nursing moms need to eat a perfect diet to make nutritious milk for their baby. The truth is, skipping a meal, skimping on vegetables, or occasionally drinking a soda will not harm the quality of your milk. If your diet is temporarily deficient in a nutrient, you'll continue to make nutritious breast milk by depleting your body's own reserves. That doesn't mean you should eat a lot of junk food while you're breastfeeding. Saturated and trans fats (which are in a lot of junk food) can alter the composition of your breast milk and possibly harm the health of your baby. So You can have it but in limited quantity.
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Question: Can we eat lays and kurkure?
Answer: Better to avoid these kind of snacks and junk foods during pregnancy..it contains certain chemicals like ajinomotto which is harmful for u and ur baby too..eat healthy foods and include more fresh vegetables and fruits..happy pregnancy dear☺
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