8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat kissan jam with bread...

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes you can have jam with bread.i hope you are having it occasionally as jam is loaded with sugars preservatives.which could fluctuate your sugar levels.so avoid taking such sugary stuff more.
Answer: Yes. I had asked the same thing to my gynae. It's fine to eat bread and jam in moderation.
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Question: Can i eat bread and kissan jam
Answer: Yes you can...but make sure kissan jam should not be the mixed one as it contains pineapple...go for mango..orange...etc flavours and whole wheat bread would be more nutritious to baby than the white bread as it is made of maida.
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Question: Can I eat kissan jam and milk bread
Answer: Hi you can have homemade jam as the packed jam consist of preservatives and also you can have bread but in the form of toast. As it won't affect. And easy for digestion. Take care
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Question: Hlo doc can i eat brown bread with kissan fruit jam in breakfast.
Answer: Hi dear. brown bread is really healthy for us as it has a lots of dietary fibre in its so yes you can definitely eat brown bread but Kissan fruit jam is made up of artificial things and have lots of added sugar in it so it is not good to eat it daily
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Question: Hlo mam can i eat bread with kissan jam plz tell me
Answer: Yes but avoid white bread means maida u can eat whole grain and wheat bread which is good for u and your baby mixed jam is fine
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