22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat jaggery..I am crossing 5th month

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Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have jaggeey, it is rich in iron, helps in blood formstion, and also provide digestion
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Question: can i eat jaggery?
Answer: Definitely, u can have Jaggery asked it is a good source of iron and helps to prevent anemia during pregnancy.
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Question: Can i eat jaggery.
Answer: Absolutely you can eat. It's very very rich in iron and calcium. Another important aspect is it is much better than sugar. As sugar is processed whereas fresh jaggary is fat free. Jaggary provides energy for a longer period of time too. The good mineral content in jaggary is around 50 times more than that of sugar. Plus point to all this is that jaggary helps in weight loss too. It is rich in potassium and helps balance the electrolytes and boosts metabolism.
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Question: can i eat jaggery
Answer: Jaggery is of different kinds. However, it is ideal to eat palm jaggery. Extracted from palm trees, it contains medicinal properties that ease pregnancy difficulties. It is best to regulate the consumption of Jaggery 7 months before delivery. It successfully purifies breast milk by removing impurities. In that way, your baby gets clean and healthy breast milk for strength and nourishment. Being a natural sugar, it is perfect for all “going-to-become” moms. Poor nutrition can reduce the size of the placenta. So make the best use of jaggery and incorporate it into your diet immediately.
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Question: Can I eat jaggery ?
Answer: Hi,jaggery is good in winters to provide heat in the body also it is a good source of calcium. You can eat jaggery but remember to eat in moderation
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