16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat jackfruit?

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Answer: Hello! It is better to avoid now as it generates heat and not good in the early pregnancy. But once you are in the 7th month you can have it. Take care
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Question: Can i eat jackfruit??
Answer: Hello dear it's better to avoid jackfruit. If you like it so much have only one piece 😀
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Question: Can i eat jackfruit
Answer: hello dear you are 30 weeks pregnant dear yes jackfruit s safe during pregnancy but in small quantity . quantities. Try not to overeat the fruit as it is heat-producing. If u take in excess quantity it cam cause stomatch upset .It is rich in vitamin B6 and other nutrients such as potassium nd rich source of antioxidant. Jackfruit is a rich source of vitamins A, B, and C that help in strengthening the immune system. It, therefore, lowers the risk of common infections Constipation is common during pregnancy. Jackfruit contains high dietary fiber which helps relieve digestion and reduce constipation .its Controls blood pressure: An excellent source of potassium, this fruit helps lower blood pressure, Excellent levels of folate and iron in this fruit help in normalizing the hemoglobin levels and prevent its a rich source of magnesium. The magnesium content in the fruit promotes bone health in both the mother and the fetus. Jackfruit has natural sugars that give you a quick energy boost.v itamin A also plays a vital role in the development of fetal eyesight and cells.so dear u can take it but in limited quantity nd once or twice in a month .try it
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Question: Can I eat jackfruit
Answer: Hii kindly avoid taking jackfruit as it is acidic in nature. It is difficult to digest. Can give u acidity .During g pregnancy such stomach issue is a big trouble so better u avoid
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