10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat fried rice bht craving ho rha

3 Answers
Answer: Yes dear you can have in moderation, there's no problem.. Dont have it too often as it might cause gastric if had too much due to oil.. Take care.
Answer: You can have it in moderation..try to make it at home..it will be more healthy & higenic..
Answer: Yes it is safe for you to eat fried rice you can have it
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Question: Can I eat cornflakes
Answer: Sure u can take cornflakes its safe but in a limited quanity only its .high in fibre which will keep u away from constipation and digestion problems..i take once or twice in week .u can try it also .its safe .
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Question: Ian 5week pregnant...I have craving towards burger..can I eat burger??
Answer: Dear basically you should eat healthy food but I can understand if you are craving then yes you can eat burger once in a while.
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Question: Can i have chicken fried rice during 10th week of pregnancy, I crave only for chicken fried rice nowadays ..Will it cause my baby?
Answer: Noo dear chns food its not good for baby sooo aviod kro...if u havee too mch crewing thk ghr me bna ke khao thoda sa jo helty ho.
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