3 months old baby

Question: Can I eat junnu ( colostrum milk cheese). My baby is 4month old

Answer: Hi dear, Colostrum milk cheese is made up off cow milk colostrum and is supposed to be highly nutritious.it is good for both mother and baby.it builds immunity too.
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Question: Pregnant women can eat junnu ( colostrum milk)
Answer: No... please completely avoid junnu... it may cause early contractions
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Question: Mam im 9 weeks pregnant now can i eat colostrum milk cake (junnu in telugu)
Answer: Hi dear, It is very much safe and healthy during pregnancy.it is good both for mother and the baby.The immune resistance in early pregnancy is relatively poor and mothers are vulnerable to illness. Immune factors such as IgG in colostrum not only enhance the immunity of the mother to prevent illness from the flu, pneumonia or other diseases, it can also improve the immunity of the baby through the passing of IgG via the placenta. Please relish it.
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Question: Am in 17th week pregnant.. Can I eat Junnu(colostrum milk) sweet made at home.. Is this safe for pregnancy???
Answer: Yes dear it is safe. Junno is a high biological value protein. And is safe to be consumed in pregnancy. Just make sure its very well cooked. Hope it helps.
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