24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I eat black sesame during pregnancy

2 Answers
Answer: yes you can eat..Rich in calcium, iron, oxalic acid, amino acid, proteins, vitamin B, C, and E, til is considered a healthy food.
Answer: It's nt advisable during pregnancy , because it produce heat
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Question: Can we eat black raisins during 5thmonth
Answer: Yes, u can eat black raisins in pregnancy due to its nutritional value. Raisins also helps the teeth from cavity also raisins has high fibre content which prevents constipation
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Question: Can eat sesame seeds laddu..??
Answer: U should avoid dear during pregnancy as it is warm by nature. Even my mom told me to avoid the same.
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Question: I can eat muskmelon during pregnancy??
Answer: Yes, muskmelon is a very safe fruit for pregnancy, if taken in moderation. The fruit is low on its calorie count and high in nutrients and fibre, making it a very safe and healthy snack option for expecting mother.
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Question: Can I eat fish during pregnancy
Answer: Yes of course. Freshwater fish is good to consume during pregnancy but make sure it's well cooked. Eat sea fish in small quantity because it contains metals that can be harmful. Take care.
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