24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I eat black sesame during pregnancy

2 Answers
Answer: yes you can eat..Rich in calcium, iron, oxalic acid, amino acid, proteins, vitamin B, C, and E, til is considered a healthy food.
Answer: It's nt advisable during pregnancy , because it produce heat
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Question: Can i eat sesame balls now
Answer: Yes dear, sesame seeds are safe during pregnancy.it is rich in essential nutrients like calcium, proteins and vitamins.so helps to build strong bones and teeth, reduce risk of preterm labor.take care
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Question: Can we eat sesame seeds
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy.. Sesame Seeds are not recommended during pregnancy.. Please avoid having it dear. Take care.
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Question: Can I eat veg Manchurian during pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear, better to have home made in moderate consumption is safe during pregnancy.avoid excess spices and salts.take care
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Question: Can I eat khajoor during pregnancy trimester?
Answer: Sure dear...khajoor helps boost your hemoglobin levels during pregnancy dear..it is healthy for you during pregnancy so you can add 3-4 khajoor to your daily diet dear..
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