30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat amaranthus or lal saag during pregnancy

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Question: Can I eat sarso ka saag ki sabji during pregnancy
Answer: Hi,yes you can eat but it creates heat in the body and therefore it is supposed to be eaten only in water reaction and one survive not frequently
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Question: can I eat saag?
Answer: it's always recommend to have a portion of green leafy vegetables in your diet in pregnancy. Don't just limit yourself to methi, have other available options spinach, sarso bathua, soya etc. These vegetables not only taste great on your palette, they are also good for your body. As these have almost zero fat and carbohydrates, are super rich source of digestive fibres. During pregnancy the digestive system slows down leading to gas, flatulence and constipation. Having these vegetables on daily basis will help your digestive system to function properly throughout pregnancy and post delivery. Apart from this they are also great source of minerals such as calcium magnesium folate and vitamin A B K, all these are vital for your baby’s development and growth. So hog on :)
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Question: Can i eat saag?
Answer: Yes.. I am eating saag.. bt shayad garam hota h to kam khana dear. Though rich in iron it's good to eat leafy n green vegetables. Rest assure from Ur elders.
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Question: Can I eat sarson and saunf ka saag in pregnancy?
Answer: Its normal baby's heart can be in between 120 beat per minute to 170 beat per minute in any range
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