19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat ajwain after having food...i m 18 weeks pregnant.

4 Answers
Answer: Yes u can have ajwain , it's a safe during pregnancy , ajwain can also improve your digestion and reduce vomiting sensation. Always remember don't eat anything in excess amount.. U can have whatever u want in pregnancy but in limited amount .
Answer: Have saunf rather after every meal. That's soothing n helps in digestion.
Answer: Hii yes u can have but in moderate qty. It is good for digestion .
Answer: Once in a time ok not daily.. Garam hoti hau
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Question: Hi . I m 18 weeks pregnant.. can v eat mangoes?
Answer: Hello dear. Mangoes are known to pack with majorly Vitamin A and C and also a great source of dietary fiber and beta carotene. Thanks to its many health benefits. Mangoes are a great addition to your pregnancy diet, but eat them in moderation along with a variety of other fruits. Take care.
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Question: I m 18 weeks pregnant..can I eat banana
Answer: Banana can be overcome by regular intake of diet rich in iron and iron rich fruits and vegetables. Banana is one of the great sources of iron. it prevent constipation which is very common in pregnancy. banana contains fibres which enable smooth bowel movement and easy movement of stools from your body. It is common knowledge that calcium is essential for the development of bones and banana is rich of calcium also.
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Question: I'm 8weeks pregnant woman..can I have ajwain after food??
Answer: Yes dear.. U can have ajwain after food in pregnancy. Ajwain water is very helpful during cough problem.Boiling water along with carom seeds (ajwain) and tulsi leaves can help to keep the cough in check. It also helps in relieving chest congestion.
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