7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat mandakki

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Answer: Yes you may consume all foods except for Papaya, pineapple and mango( as these cause uterine contractions and result in miscarriage).
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Question: Hi I have 3 month 10 days baby can I eat kadlepuri means mandakki
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear you can have mandakki, but in a moderate quantity. However, You should also ensure you're getting enough calcium, as this is deleted when breastfeeding. Aim for four servings a day from dairy foods, such as milk yoghurt and cheese, or non-dairy sources, including nuts, tofu, sesame seeds and leafy green vegetables.
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Question: can I eat fish? & which type fish can I eat?
Answer: Hii plz eat fish with low mercury containing. Don't go for sea fish but opt for fresh water fish.
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Question: Can I eat cheese? Which cheese can I eat?
Answer: Hi! Cheese is a very good source of Protein and calcium. Please have hard cheese, Cottage cheese, Yogurts. Please avoid mould ripened soft cheese, Feta cheese, soft unripened cheese, unpasteurised cheese etc.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i eat banana and which fruits i can eat
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can eat Bananas and also have APRICOT is a rich source of (vitamin A, C, E), calcium, iron. All of these nutrients help in the baby's development and growth. Iron can prevent anemia and calcium helps bones and teeth grow strong... ORANGES are great for keeping a person hydrated and healthy. Vitamin C present in It, can help prevent cell damage and assist with iron absorption. MANGOES are rich in vitamins A and C. POMEGRANATE can provide pregnant women with plenty of vitamin K, calcium and folate, Nutrient-dense pomegranates are also a good source of energy, and their high iron content helps prevent iron-deficiency... GUAVA contains a varied combination of nutrients, making it ideal for pregnant women. Eating guava during pregnancy can help to relax muscles, aid digestion, and reduce constipation... In addition to these you can also have berries and apples all of these fruits are nutritious and good for both mum and baby..
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