11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat fuchka??

Answer: Yes but from hygienic place only.
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Question: can i eat fuchka without tokjol
Answer: I am not getting ur question plz ask in a clear way.
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Question: can i eat fuchka or golgappa
Answer: yes you can eat...Consider the following:Instead of eating from a street vendor or stall, opt for a reputed snack chain or restaurant that is known for its quality, hygiene and service. Apart from the food, the place should be neat and clean. The tables, cutlery and crockery can tell you a lot about how the place is kept. Eateries with flies,mosquitoes or any other pests are best avoided. Take a look at the staff. They should be in clean clothes or uniforms. Servers and kitchen staff should be wearing gloves and caps while preparing and serving food.
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Question: I am 5 month pregnant.can i eat maggi,fuchka etc?
Answer: Hi dear, u can have but lil quantity. Maggi noodles have got a kind of wax on it which keeps it from sticking together which takes one day to get digested. So in that way is it harmful to eat maggi noodles or any other noodles during pregnancy. It's low in nutrition better opt for healthy snacking.
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