12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can I eat jujubie vadiyam

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Answer: Jujube with improved physical weakness, nourishing the nerves, blood and soothe the nerves, have profit stomach spleen, and other effects, is very beneficial for pregnant women. Jujube contains very rich in folic acid, folic acid participate in the generation of blood cells, promote the development of the fetal nervous system. And Jujube contains zinc, help fetal brain development, promote the intellectual development of the fetus. Jujube also up blood, the blood loss is especially helpful for pregnant women.
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Question: Can i eat grape..can I eat grape
Answer: Hi. Grapes are best avoided when you are pregnant, and that means no green or black grapes either. They are top-most in the list of unwashed fruits to skip when pregnant. While doctors are yet to come out with a consistent stand on pregnancy and grapes, it is now widely believed that resveratrol a compound they contain, can be toxic to pregnant mothers. Moreover, when you are pregnant, you may find it hard to digest the skin of black grapes as your digestive system is weakened.
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Answer: Hi! Cheese is a very good source of Protein and calcium. Please have hard cheese, Cottage cheese, Yogurts. Please avoid mould ripened soft cheese, Feta cheese, soft unripened cheese, unpasteurised cheese etc.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: Hii plz eat fish with low mercury containing. Don't go for sea fish but opt for fresh water fish.
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