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Question: Can I drink milk after 11days of c-section delivery

1 Answers
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have. I don't find any issue in having it. Infact it is advisable as it helps in milk production .
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Question: After c-section delivery how much water can i drink?
Answer: Dear there is no such differences. U should have 8 to 10 glasses as for breastfeeding y need to have proper liquid intake.
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Question: Can i drink plenty of water after c-section delivery?
Answer: Hi dear.. you can drink, as it is summer you can drink how much water you want to. If you are breastfeeding it will be good for baby also. Drinking more water helps in preventing dehydration in baby and mother.
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Question: After C-section delivery I can drink milk?
Answer: Definitely you can. Its a necessity to eat a balanced diet for your healing and for breast feeding..eat well and take good rest
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