12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i drink lemon warm water on an empty stomach

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Answer: Hi dear, Lemon and honey is excellent during pregnancy.it could benefit the mother and the unborn baby in so many ways: 1- excellent way of hydration 2- boosts immunity to you 3- maintains blood pressure 4- flushes out toxins 5-improves skin 6-prevents breast cancer due to its anti tumour properties 7-purifies blood 8-Lemon juice is rich in rutin, a bioflavonoid, which strengthens your vein walls. Drinking the lemon juice also prevents the risk of a recurrence of varicose veins.
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Question: Can i drink honey lemon warm water empty stomach in morning
Answer: No. Do not try such foods on empty stomach while you are pregnant. Do consult your doctor if you want to try it very badly.
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Question: Iam 5 weeks pregnant.. Can i drink lemon juice with warm water with empty stomach
Answer: No drugs are recommended during preganancy.. Consult ur doctor before taking any medicine..
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Question: can we drink water on an empty stomach?
Answer: yes dear. it is very good to drink water in empty stomach.
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Question: Can i drink luke warm water with honey in the morning on an empty stomach before my walk??
Answer: hi dear it is not advised to take a look of water with honey on empty stomach during pregnancy because that helps to reduce the body weight but during pregnancy you should not lose weight so it would be better if it take any healthy food or drink before walk is a need to take a cup of health mix porridge how you can drink milk with honey or you can eat oats poeeidge before walk.
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