Planning for pregnancy

Can i drink lemon juice during planning for pregnancy

Hi dear, Lemon and honey is excellent during could benefit the mother and the baby in so many ways: 1- excellent way of hydration 2- boosts immunity to you 3- maintains blood pressure 4- flushes out toxins 5-improves skin 6-prevents breast cancer due to its anti tumour properties 7-purifies blood 8-Lemon juice is rich in rutin, a bioflavonoid, which strengthens your vein walls. Drinking the lemon juice also prevents the risk of a recurrence of varicose veins.
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Question: Can we drink lemon juice during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes completely dear , lemon is good to have during pregnancy. It will give you relief from vomit also.
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Question: Can we drink lemon juice while planning ..
Answer: Hii dear surely u can have it as it will be good for ur digestion and keep u healthy . It will also improve ur metabolism . And keep u in shape. It is very important to stay in shape for a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: during pregnancy how many glass lemon juice can drink?
Answer: Once in a day u can however dont tak it in excess as its high on sugar n plus u can catch vold as immunity during pregnancy is week
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