12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i drink rasana ka nimbupani

1 Answers
Answer: Nimbu paanj u may drink. Avoid rasna as it contains preservatives.
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Question: Can i drink cold drink
Answer: Hello Yes yu can drink cool drink but it is not good for yu n yur baby. It has high level of sugar n chemical which can cause problem to yur featus. Once in a while it is ok but not everyday. Instead of cool drink yu can have coconut water which is so full of nutrition n minerals required in pregnancy. Barley water, lemon water, orange juice, mosambi juice, pomegranate juice. Yu have many more options
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Question: can,i drink cold drink during pregnancy??
Answer: Not at all... It is dangerous for a healthy person as well... If you have heard you can clean your toilet with these drinks.. It is that harmful! Keep your baby safe from cold drinks... :)
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Question: Can i drink marinda cool drink
Answer: Ignore soda cold drinks. u can take Coconut water, Banana shake, ice cream.
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