26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I drink 1 glass of sugar cane juice daily

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Answer: Hello! Sugar juice is very healthy during pregnancy. But if you want to get it from the vendor then avoid as hygiene becomes a major concern and it is not safe. Take care
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Question: Can i drink sugar cane juice
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely safe to consume sugarcane juice during pregnancy. I had it during mine and it is absolutely fine to have. Hope i helped.
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Question: Can i drink sugar cane juice??
Answer: Hello dear. Sugar cane is absolutely safe during pregnancy, unless you have gestational diabetes or some kind of insulin problem. Please have in moderation after consulting with you doctor. Take care.
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Question: can i drink sugar cane juice
Answer: Drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy is good for both mother and baby , but it contains high sugar, so u should not drink too much. If pregnant woman suffered from diabetes, they need to consult doctor before taking it.
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