13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i drink eno for gas prblm

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Answer: Hi You can use no problem apart from that here are some tips.Digestive system during the second trimester can lead to gas buildup.You can’t change the way your digestive system works during pregnancy, but you can help speed it up by avoiding trigger foods that lead to gas.avoid some foods like carbonated beverages,veggies such as broccoli, cabbage,cauliflower,garlic,spinach,potatoes,beans which you should cut only if you don’t have problems with constipationThe way you eat can also make gas complaint Try eating smaller meals and eating slowly.talk to your doctor about adding over-the-counter (OTC) gas relief products. Don’t take any supplements or herbs without checking with a doctor first
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Question: I can drink eno pack for gas
Answer: Dear if you have gas then take some Hing mix in 2 tsp lukewarm water, drink it and keep walking, it will help you a lot. Avoid Eno during the. Tc
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Question: Can i drink eno for gas...its ok with pregancy
Answer: During pregnancy body changes a lot. Having acidity is common during pregnancy . It Is normal. Instead having any medicine or quick relief like eno, You can chew sugar less chewing gum which will help to releases saliva which can prevent acidity. A glass of cold milk can give you some relief. Drink a lot of water. Hope this helps.
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Question: can I drink eno bcz I m feeling gastic prblm
Answer: Dear drink jeera water instead of eno becasue eno should be prescribed by doctor only. you can also drink cold milk.. eat small frequent meals and avoid spicy foods totally...it causes acidity and heart burn a lot..
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