27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can i drink amla juice

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Answer: Yes u can .Amla intake maintains healthy blood pressure in pregnancy. It dilates blood vessels and normalizes blood circulation in the body. Bleeding gums and bad breath during pregnancy can be treated well with amla during to its vitamin C content. The fruit is rich in calcium too that helps keeping tooth decay away.
Answer: Yes
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Question: Can i drink patanjali amla juice daily
Answer: Hi dear if you want to have Amla juice daily please note that it is not suggested during pregnancy and in fact If you buy the bottle you will see it is mentioned on the bottle that it is not for pregnant ladies and you need to consult your doctor before you start consuming something extra during your pregnancy.. Hope this helps
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Question: Can i drink patanjali amla juice everday?
Answer: Amla juice during pregnancy is fine as it is rich in protein and calcium and also has vitamin c and helps in preventing vomiting, nausea ,dizziness , fatigue helps to maintain the energy levels. So you can have it. But take it in moderate quantity. As in excess may cause problems.
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Question: Can i drink amla juice in pregnancy?
Answer: Having one Amla is enough in pregnancy having a too much of Vitamin C is also not good for your health so avoid having amla juice and have one whole amla. I too was cravung for amla in my pregnanacy, also it helped in controlling my nausea
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