11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i drink A small cup of coffee in 3rd month ?plz tell me friends

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Answer: Hello.. yes,you can have coffee,but it is not that much good to have,can consume not more than 200 mg,if you regularly consume more than 200 mg it will result in miscarriage or low birth babies
Answer: Hi Dear! Usually its suggested to not consume caffeine in pregnancy but a small cup is fine oncr in a while, you can hv but limit it to the small cup only :).. Good luck!
Answer: Yes you can have but in moderate qty and also better to stop coffee and tea
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Question: Can i drink coffee daily one small cup?
Answer: Hi dear,Studies have also shown that high caffeine or tea or cofee consumption is more likely to result in a baby with low birth weight. However, if you are pregnant and you love your morning coffee or tea, you can enjoy a small, daily cup of coffee or tea. It is safe to consume a small amount of caffeine (200 mg )caffine.Take care.
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Question: Can I have a small cup of coffee once in a day
Answer: Hey beautiful, hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. I can surely understand your craving for coffee but unfortunately coffee has very high content of caffeine and which is harmful for you baby. You can drink a cup of normal tea or green tea on regular basis in your pregnancy but it's better to avoid having coffee during pregnancy or even during breastfeeding on regular basis. Hope it will help.
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Question: Can i drink a Cup of tea or coffee daily
Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy. One cup of tea is fine per day only if it very necessary. Otherwise coffee should be avoided because it contains a lot of caffeine. Some tea also contains caffeine but herbal tea or peppermint tea is a better alternative. Take care dear.
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