13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I do waxing during pregnancy ??

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Answer: Hi friend. Waxing during pregnancy is not recommended. Your skin may be more sensitive than usual, making waxing more painful. It is better to avoid waxing during pregnancy. Take care.
Answer: Sure dear.. waxing is safe during pregnancy dear... there's no need to worried dear...
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Question: Can I do bikini wax during pregnancy
Answer: Well to be honest avoid it .one of my fiend tried it and she got bad rashes..not that it is not safe but during pregnancy skin becomes extra sensitive..and any kind of such things can trigger rashes..I used to trim it with scissor..never used any hair removing cream or shave..
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Question: Can I do waxing in pregnecy?
Answer: Yes waxing during pregnancy is generally safe... But you can wax at home or at clean salon... Cleanliness is more important in today's conditions... Not applying waxing If you have any skin related problem... Tc
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Question: Hello frends... Can i do waxing?
Answer: During pregnancy our skin gets very sensitive and waxing is a painful process so best is to avoid getting waxing now
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