2 months old baby

Question: Can i do speed walk in threadmill

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Answer: If you had a normal delivery ... you can
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    SHRAVANTHY M191 days ago

    I had csection

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Question: Can do walk in threadmill while during pregnancy
Answer: No please...don't stress urself.. u can walk for 5 to 10.mins after every meal..
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Question: I am 8 months pregnant I can walk on threadmill in keeping speed 3 to 5 is it safe for pregnant
Answer: Dont take a risk. Rather do normal walks instead of threadmills. U cant trust them in case if pregnancy. It will be healthier to walk in the corridor or garden or something
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Question: Can I walk in Treadmill during the pregnancy? What should be the speed?
Answer: Hello Dear, Exercise while pregnant is healthy for you and the baby, and can help you manage the inevitable weight gain. Walking on a treadmill is one of the aerobic activities that pregnant women can participate in to get or stay fit. Treadmill walking is convenient because the weather will never interfere with your workout, and it provides a level surface you won't have trouble navigating.If you're just starting out, try taking a treadmill walk for 30 minutes three times a week, reserving at least one day to rest in between walking workouts. 
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