6 months old baby

Question: Can i do planks and squats after 6 months of my c-section delivery?

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Answer: Hello dear yes you can start exercise after having c-section atleast after 6weeks..it is better if you take 3months after having c-section. Just give your body some time to take proper rest. Actually different person and their bodies also responses differenly and healing way also different for everyone.and if you don't feel stress in your body then you can start with swimming,yoga,light jogging which i also done after my pregnancy. If you are just starting exercise after pregnancy with squats and planks so i will suggest you not to do. Start with a light exercise what i said earlier. Then if you feel ok with those exercise gradually u can increase your load and side by side take an advice from pt instructor .
Answer: Yes dear, if you are comfortable you can do. By 6 months your stitches will also gets cured.
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Question: After 6 months of c section can i do skipping?
Answer: Hello! Yes, after 6 months, you can do skipping provided you don't have any other problem or complaint about the stitches.
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Question: Can i do squats after c section... I nd c section before 9 months..,?
Answer: Hi dear, I am also c-section mother and my doctor strictly told me to not do any and lower body exercises before completion of one year but every person is different so if you want to start any exercise that please visit your doctor for checkup and then start it.. I hope you understand my point
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Question: Can we do squats lunges planks after 6 Months of c section?
Answer: Yes you can after 6 months...most exercises can be done after 16weeks of delivery however avoid incase you feel feel & stretched out
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