38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i do haircolor at this time?

Answer: Hi dear, Any hair colour with chimical dye should be avoided during pregnancy.moat of the chimicals in the color can be absorbed by the scalp skin and get mixed with blood stream.you can color hair using natural henna powder.though henna can give you cold if applied during cold weather,so you better decide to apply depending on the weather.
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Question: At this time can I do facial .....
Answer: Hello dear. Facials are safe during pregnancy as long as you stick to a basic cleansing facial with no electric currents, chemical peels or laser therapies. Take care.
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Question: Hi.. Can I do workout at this time..?
Answer: Hi dear, Exercises are good during pregnancy too.though you need to take some precautions, especially in the first trimester.mild jogging and brisk walking with free hand stretches are fine,but no heavy lifting of weights.it could put more pressure on uterus and back.Activities that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, or bouncing. Deep kneebends, full sit ups, double leg raises and straight -leg toe touches. Bouncing while streching should be avoided.
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Question: can we do sex at this time
Answer: Hello! Sex, during this time should be avoided but you can have it in the second trimester provided you don't have any complications in your pregnancy or your doctor has refrained you from it.
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