Question: can I bananas or cucumber daily

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Answer: yes you can eat...banana promote good colon health, prevents anemia, leg cramps..cucumber fulfill ypur folic acid need.
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    Question: Can I eat bananas daily
    Answer: U can eat bananas daily it is rich in potassium but if u are having any high sugar levels u can limit the taking of bananas but consuming of 2 bananas is completely good during pregnancy if you return is haVing low weight then you can try kerala bananas which can increase the weight of fetus .
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    Question: Can i eat cucumber daily
    Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have cucumber. Cucumbers are great sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, folate, and more. Cucumber juice neutralizes the acids in the mouth preventing gum and teeth problems that are very common during pregnancy. Take care.
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    Question: can I eat keera or cucumber daily??
    Answer: yes you can eat..During pregnancy you need 600 mcg of folic acid/folate daily. Of course your prenatal vitamin will include folic acid, but folate from food sources is beneficial too.
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