34 weeks pregnant mother

Can i allow my hubby to suck my breast??

I dont think so dear.. Just avoid all those intimacy thing... If is dis ur 1st pregnancy den u hv to take care of ur self...
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Question: shall i allow my hubby to suck breast
Answer: Hubby wait kr ly na bcz some tym is condition mei suck sy white lequied discharge hony lgta h
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Question: I m 26th week pregnent Can .my hubby suck and press my boobs
Answer: Yes my masi told me to make husbnd suck boobs so tht after delivery baby can feed milk properly as nipples become little bigger and it wil b easy for baby to suck milk from breast u wil feel little pain as nipples become sensitive during this time but dont u wrry let ur hubby do tht
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Question: My baby is 24 days old.she dont suck breast bt suck bottle.my breast milk now decrease.what can i do that she can suck
Answer: Try breast feeding whenever your little one is hungry. Don't give up so easily. Children retaliate because bottle sucking is much easier than breast sucking. In the mean while use breast pumps to maintain your milk supply.
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