6 months old baby

Question: Can i add formula milk to the rice cerelac

3 Answers
Answer: Yes you can.But make sure to add breast milk instead as it is good for health,if it's not possible then you can opt for formula milk. Make sure to mix it at the end of the cerelac preparation.Dont heat cerelac or the milk adding to cerelac.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can add formula milk at the end of cerelac preparation.never cook the cerelac with formula milk or breast milk.you can add it at the end.
Answer: Yes dear, it is a good way to feed your baby. You can also mix to prepare another puree.
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Question: Can I add anything to formula milk for taste? ?
Answer: No ..mothers milk is best for infant..when they are not breastfed formula milk is other option for breast milk which is suitable for infant digestive system Adding anything to it even sugar is not good for babies
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Question: Can I add walnuts to homemade cerelac?
Answer: Hi dear, good to know u r making home made ceralac it's really healthy and baby would live it. Sure u can put walnut or peanuts in ceralac. My baby also use to love the different flavors. 😊
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Question: Can i mix cerelac with formula milk
Answer: Cerelac already has milk in it ,, so just add warm water
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Question: Shall i add suger to formula milk
Answer: Hi no sugar required in formula milk...its already sweet..
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