3 months old baby

Question: Can I add anything to formula milk for taste? ?

1 Answers
Answer: No ..mothers milk is best for infant..when they are not breastfed formula milk is other option for breast milk which is suitable for infant digestive system Adding anything to it even sugar is not good for babies
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Question: How can i make different taste of formula milk my baby don't like tasye of formula milk what can i add tobmake formula milk of different taste
Answer: U can use different formula... There r in different variety...
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Question: Can i add rooh afza in milk for taste for daily?
Answer: Hi dear, You can have it occasionally,as rooh afza has lot of sugar in it.and too much sugar in Pregnancy could lead to gestational diabetes.so onc in a while it is ok to consume
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Question: Can i add sugar for making formula milk
Answer: Hi dear, Avoid any refined sugar in formula milk.also avoid any salt in baby's diet before one year.
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Question: Need to add sugar for formula milk?
Answer: No dear you dont need to add anything in formula milk except water.
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