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Question: Can folic acid tablets be taken without doctor's prescription? Will there be any side effects?

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Answer: Hi dear if you are planning for pregnancy, you can have folic acid without the doctor's prescription. It is an important vitamin which will supplements the the fertility in women. So having them will increase chances of pregnancy.
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    suresh thapa93 days ago


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Question: I am planning for pregnancy. Can i take folic acid tablet without doctor's prescription?
Answer: Hi dear , please dont take any medication without consulting a doctor because exact dosage according to your body need can only be prescribed by doctor.
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Question: Can i start taking iron folic acid tablets without any prescription?
Answer: No.. don't take any medicine without doctors prescription. In market we can so many folic acid with different combinations. Doctor will suggest you the best
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Question: Can i take folic acid and progesterone tablets together..are there any side effects???drug interactions???
Answer: The gap timing is advisable between consuming of these two medicines.
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Question: Is it good to take folic acid tablets before conception?? Will it have any side effects?
Answer: Hi dear, You must start taking folic acid suppliments 3 months prior to must have enough reserve of folic acid for your growing baby.sonit is advisable to have them prior to conception.this would be continued till 3 more months post conception.deficeincy would lead to birth defects in baby.
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