2 months old baby

Question: Can fibroadenoma in breast can do breast feeding

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Question: What is Fibroadenoma in breast? And how it can be removed?
Answer: Hi fibroadenoma is a noncancerous breast tumor. Unlike a breast cancer which grows larger over time and can spread to other organs, a fibroadenoma remains in the breast tissue.fibroadenoma won’t cause any pain. It will feel like a marble that moves around beneath your skin.You might not need any treatment. If your fibroadenoma is small, your doctor may recommend simply waiting to see whether the lump grows or shrinks rather than trying to remove it right away.if it will grow then the doctor suggest you surgery
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Question: Can fibroadenoma disappears while breast feeding please answer me
Answer: Hello dear. During pregnancy or hormone replacement, fibroadenomas usually grow quite quickly. They often get smaller or disappear on their own after menopause. In general about half of all fibroadenomas will disappear within five years; the other half will either get larger or remain the same size. Hope it helps.
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Question: fibroadenoma breast me feeding krwane me kuch problem to nhi hoga na baby ko
Answer: Mujhe bi h but abhi uska koi treatment ni chal raha h Dr. Bolte h ki after delivery kuch kr sakte h or ghar k kuch log bolte h baby feed krta h to kbhi kbhi bina treatment k hi thik ho jata h
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