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Question: Can eating more dal on rice causes constipation in toddlers

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Answer: No dear. Infact less of rice and more of daal helps in keeping the digestion good. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is moong dal causes constipation?
Answer: Hi dear, Absolutely not.moonh daal is infact easy to digest pulse among other pulses.i think it could be some other reason for constipation in your baby.constipation in babies would be due to not drinking sufficient water,not enough fibre in diet,eating lot of refined you need to change baby's routine and lifestyle to treat constipation.once the baby gets up,give a cup of warm water with honey.include lot of veggies in diet,prefer fruits over juices.this would ensure enough fibre in diet.avoid any refined foods, include biscuits,chips,chocolates etc.oats are excellent source of fibre.aone kids gets constipated with cow observe this change.stop cow milk for two days and see if it makes any difference.give him soups,and plenty of water in a day.make his toilet routined.every day at the same time make him practice could take weeks to get him habituated,but on a long run this would help.else doctors would prescribe suppositories or laxatives to make him poop.try avoiding at such early age and change his diet.
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Question: Hi, can rice mixed wd moong dal result in constipation in a 7 month old baby?
Answer: Hi. Moong dal controls gas and diareah in babies but it doesnt constipate. But since you have given it first time it may have adverse reaction and so baby is constipated. .so avoid this combination for few months. Once baby is 1 year old try monng dal again. Hope the problem woukd be gone.
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Question: does eating cheese causes constipation?
Answer: Hi.. No it is nothing like that, cheese is a very rich source of protein. One cube of cheese is equivalent to a cup of milk. However, constipation in pregnant women occurs due to hormones that relax the intestinal muscle and by the pressure of the expanding uterus on the intestines. Sometimes iron tablets may contribute to constipation. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water if you are taking iron supplements..
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Question: Does eating chana dal and rice cause constipation for 11 months old?
Answer: Hi, you can give barley and prunes porridge,and give more warm water after 20min of the meal.chana dal doesn't make any constipation.
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