5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can diabetes and hypertension leads to miscarriage?

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Answer: Hi Dear! Yes it can lead to miscarriage thats why Hypertension needs to be controlled and so is Diabetes pls hv a good diet avoid all fried, sweets, junks and restaurant food, walk a lot, mediate, avoid salt in food etc. needs to be maintained well.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi Dear, Uncontrolled sugar levels and bp could lead to miscariages.but many women with such issues when on treatment have successfully delivered.so donot worry about that,take necessary precautions and treatment beforehand.
Answer: No.if u under dr treatment nothing will happen.take medicine timely.
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Question: I have diabetes and hypertension and my scan shows mild hydraminos. Is there anything that I can do to reduce my amniotic fluid.
Answer: Hi dear... AFI more than 24 is considered as polyhydraminos or increased amniotic fluid volume... treatment is... Amniocentesis is done. Draining excess fluid Medicines are also available to decrease fluid by decreasing fetal urine level...
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Question: I am a 3rd month pregnant and I observed one drop of blood one hour before.this leads to miscarriage?
Answer: U shud get checkup immediately some time it can b but dnt wrry some women have habituate of it they wil give injection pl go a head dr. Suggest to rest
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Question: Is sexual intercourse harmful during first trimester (3months) ? Is it harmful for baby or leads to miscarriage ?
Answer: Hello dear. Intercourse is recommended only after the first trimester. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications and yes it might lead to miscarriage.
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Question: Does sitting in padmasana and little work and some sleeping position leads miscarriage and what works should strictly avoid during 2 month of pregnancy
Answer: Avoid heavy work like..washing clothes..n heavy weight thing..full of water bucket....aata lagana ..pocha. ..so it give you more relief dear...n try to avoid sleep straight..manage to sleep left n right side only..
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