5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can diabetes and hypertension leads to miscarriage?

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Answer: Hi Dear! Yes it can lead to miscarriage thats why Hypertension needs to be controlled and so is Diabetes pls hv a good diet avoid all fried, sweets, junks and restaurant food, walk a lot, mediate, avoid salt in food etc. needs to be maintained well.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi Dear, Uncontrolled sugar levels and bp could lead to miscariages.but many women with such issues when on treatment have successfully delivered.so donot worry about that,take necessary precautions and treatment beforehand.
Answer: No.if u under dr treatment nothing will happen.take medicine timely.
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Answer: Hi, I guess you asking about electric shock if so, then no mild electric shock will not lead to any harm to your baby. Your baby is in protected sack where your body will try to reduce any external effect on your baby. Don't worry.
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Question: Can to mch stress nd woeries leads to miscarriage
Answer: Hi,yesbitbisbpossibke that's why it is said that you should be happy, not to take stress.
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Question: Hi, tamarind can take by diabetes and hypertension patient in pregnanc
Answer: Yes dear but in moderation only. Have it only rarely and small quantity. Hope it helps.
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Answer: Astofedia causes heat in body. It is not adivisable to take on regular basis. Frequently it is ok. You should avoid heat causing foods like papaya,pineapple etc.,
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