6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can hcg detect twins...my 1st hcg report wss 257 and send after a week was 3350...it was 5 week 0day..and dr found 1 gastation sac n said to come after a week to see the growth

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Answer: Hi dear, Not necessarily a twin in this case.as beta HCG levels double itself in every 2-3 days.and some women have relatively improved beta HCG levels.only a scan in first trimester could detect multiple pregnancies.
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Question: I went sacnning for 4 weeks 5 days doctor said no sac found. She said come after 1 week willsee. I dnt knw what to do
Answer: Show to dr. After 6th week only or if possible on 8th week...by then heart beat will also come...Please dont waste ur money by going each week...u can wait and rest a little more to make sure u r pregnant
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Question: Mam my hcg 1st report is 3491.44 n after 48 hour hcg report is 3585.8 but doctor said that no heartbeat after 1week came to scanning.
Answer: I don't bother about anything. Just u can take food properly like fruits and take rest . I am also having same problem in 9th week of pregnancy. I take food intime and having rest. After 15days I go to scan and I hear baby heartbeat. I feel very happy. Now I am 8th month pregnant.
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Question: I did sonography at 5 week 0day n they showed me only a very small gastational sac in uterus of 0.28cm...its very small like dot...i m very scared....dr said come after a week to see the growth n location of the pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! at 4 to 5 weeks it is supposed to be like a lot and usually nothing is found out detected at that time so there is nothing to be afraid of if you are doctor has asked you to come again for another USG after 10 dats to 2 weeks, pls go fr it and I am sure that you will be able to detect everything .. Hope this helps!
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