40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can consuming castor oil harm baby. I had it yesterday and today 2-2 spoon.. Somebody says it cause bay to poop in womb so dangerous is it? Please help

3 Answers
Answer: Yes its true. But don't worry stay calm and speak to your gync about this. And please avoid castor oil.
Answer: It's a concern if baby poops in the womb. Then immediately csec is required
Answer: Yes
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Question: i HV heard that use of diapers can cause infertility in boys..is it true? I m worried.. somebody says it can cause leg deformity somebody says it can cause infertility ..
Answer: Hello! These are all false. It can only cause rashes. Apart from that, it doesn't cause anything else. Dont worry and keep yourself calm.
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Question: I am having cough from past 2 months. Please suggest can it cause harm to baby
Answer: Drink warm water, do steaming thrice a day, dont put vicks or any balm in water for steaming .
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Question: Hi I am suffering from constipation so wanted to confirm can I take castor oil to Cole this problem . Does castor oil help in inducing labor.
Answer: Without medical assistance don't try castor oil as it could lead you to severe dysentery.
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