5 months old baby

Question: Can calcarea phos be given to 5 months baby ? How is it given ? How many times a day ?

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Answer: hello dear anything without doctor prescription is not advisable for breast feeding babies dear.. so i suggest you to seek an advice from your doctor and follow his suggestions..
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Question: How many times solid food should be given to 8 months baby in a day???
Answer: Hii dear u should give 3 complete meal to ur 8 months old baby which includes vegetables fruits cerelac suji ragi rice daal oats. These are easy to digest food and really good for baby growth.
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Question: How many tablets of calcarea phos should be given to 6 months old baby?
Answer: I suggest give only 2 tablets because baby is too small, from 8 month onwards you can Start giving 3 tablets
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Question: hlloo, how many times should calcarea phos given to 9 month old baby
Answer: It is always better to consult the doctor regarding the dose. Do not give it with out doctor's advice.
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