9 months old baby

Question: Can baby take miseals vaccine if he eats vitamin medicine

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Question: My 21/2 year old baby eats nothing but if he eats some thing sweet he will vomit
Answer: This type of tantrums are common i kids, you have to try and try and feed your baby. Give your baby different foods with various colors and textures, make the meal time more interesting. If he gets more and more vomit.. It probably might be due to gas.. Please check with your doctor too. Take care.
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Question: If mother eats Vitamin D rich food does baby gets Vitamin D ?
Answer: Yes surely baby will get through milk as whatever mother eat or drink is provided to baby through milk. So you need to maintain a healthy diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated as this will help baby.
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Question: Can I breastfeed my baby if I take swine flu vaccine
Answer: Yes dear.. There is absolutely no problem in that.. You cab definitely feed your baby.
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