3 months old baby

Question: Can babies 0-6 months get dandruff? Or it's just dry scalp? If dandruff, what is the remedy

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Answer: no its not dandruff it's cradle cap dear. apply lots of coconut oil and use soft hair brush to clean it.
Answer: Use virgin coconut oil and use the mildest shampoo possible... (Not Himalaya or J&J)
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Question: my baby have dandruff in scalp. it is more sticky..what is the remedy
Answer: Hi.. Its a cradle cap and it causes severe hairfall in babies. It looks like dandruff, so just apply olive or coconut oil on the head and leavee it for like 30 minutes for it to absorb, then gently comb it to remove the cradle cap and then wash it with mild shampoo and repeat for 10 days
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Question: Suffering with dry scalp, Even when i oil my hair regularly. Full scalp looks white but its not dandruff , its the dry skin. Any home remedy plz
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Oil your scalp regularly. Mix a portion of oil and two portions of shampoo when you take head bath,as it helps to retain oil in your scalp. Use luke warm water for head bath as hot water can remove more oil from your scalp. Slowly scalp dryness goes away. Always stay hydrated as it is very important for maintaining moisture. Take care
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Question: What is the home remedy for dry cough for babies
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry here I'm giving u some remedies-give adequate water to ur baby,ur baby nose must be sucked out to clear out the mucus,use saline drops,u can also use turmeric mix it with warm water and massage it in baby's forehead,chest and on feet.Hope this will help.
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