4 months old baby

Can babies have constant nasal congestion for over 1.5 months. My pediatrician said she is doing good, I dint see any issue. Just give steam n saline drops. But every morning my baby struggles with congestion n becomes ok only after steam. How long will this continue. Some ppl say its because of milk. Is it so, has any one else experienced this. It's not cold because she won't have it throughout the day.

Its always good to take a second opinion from another pediatrician. Some babies will have this continously and after a period of time will stop by itself.
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Question: Hi ...My baby is 1 month old...she becomes breathless during and after breastfeeding...this happens occasionally not always.... also she is suffering from nasal congestion...i give her nasal saline as suggested by the pediatrician..but her being breathless hits my concern... please help
Answer: Hello This happens whn u have big breasts or the baby s going to close so the nose gets stuffed wch is y he is unable to breathe. Next time whn u feed make sure to hold the baby a bit far. I m sure your baby will not feel breathless.
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Question: My baby is 5 months old i started giving her pureed apple, banana, carrots and sweet potato and rice kanji and i breast feed her but soon as i feed her any solid food she passes normal stools atleast half an hour after she eats and she passes thrice a day is this normal i have started solids only because m doing a course and i need to go for class so that time we give her solid food when i am away but m worried because she passes stool thrice a day and she is thin i dont find her putting on weight all who ever come to see her say she is thin . Any suggestions why she is passing stool thrice a day its like no use me giving her solid food cause after she eats she it comes out in half an hour. M worried .
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 5 months old she s too small to take solids .The best time to gives solid s after 6 months ...when babies neck s hold properly ..as babies digestive system s weak they cannot digest before 6 month ..U have started solids soon she cannot able to digest that food thats why she do poop after food .so dear stop solids nd give bf after 2 2 hours untill she completed 6 months .if u have to go outside 4 course .and u have enough bf take out bf and store in bottle .when ur baby 'll be hungry ur mother in law or who take of ur baby gives bf to baby. Try it nd if u don't have bf then give formula milk but don't give solids .try it
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Question: Hello. My baby is 6 weeks 1 day old. He is a preterm baby and was born 39 days before due date. Now his weight is 3.2 after a month and 12 days. I was pumping initially as he was in nicu for a week and after that also he was unable to breast feed. Now since last four weeks I am breastfeeding him. When I press my breast I see drops of milk and sometimes I can see it flow as well. But always it just comes in drops. I do not feel much heaviness but my breasts turn tight and after feeding they go back to soft. I can see baby sucking well and even spitting after a feed. He will himself leave the nipple and go to sleep. From a week around he is not sleeping properly. He will get up at odd hours and will continue waking up till 3-4 hours in a stretch. He will be throwing hands and legs in air and will be looking around at this timehe cries when he is tired. At that time when I feed him he cries while feeding also. On other times, he will just feed and sleep. But these times, he wants to suck also but will cry continously while sucking. Sometimes he wants to suck even when he is full resulting in spitting up all the milk. Now the issue is that every elder in the house think the milk is not sufficient so he is not sleeping and making fuss. They believe we should give him a bottle and feed him formula milk so that his tummy is full. We haven't introduced a bottle yet so they are suggesting to give formula milk through dropper. As a mother my instincts say that it is not proper. I feel I have enough milk for the baby and he cries only because he is too tired to even put efforts to suck. I am not sure. Is there any way to understand of my milk is sufficient for him. Because in night also I feel him and he goes off to sleep properly. It is only sometimes when he is awake for longer hours this happens. Please help me out. I am extremely stressed.
Answer: Once you are done with feeding after 30 mins press your breast and see if milk is coming. If yes then it's sufficient...!!!
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