Few days old baby

Question: Can anyone share their experience if they have drank castor oil for normal delivery in after week 40

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Answer: I never had castor oil for normal delivery...but both my deliveries are normal...keep walking for small distance regularly...that's the simple tip I have followed for my 2 pregnancies
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    Neha AkashTelkhade574 days ago

    I did this dear.... Everything is normal, walking n pelvic exercises I m still doing but now my due date is here 13 sep..still baby is high so dr said we can try this but agar isse bhi baby nahi aaya to we need to operate

Answer: It happens as baby gains weight ur body is also working 2 than usual.so basically be active but keep in mind that u should not do more exertion.. Listen to ur body work rest work
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Question: Anyone can please share normal delivery experience??
Answer: Hi don't worry to much and don't think much about it be com and be strong. Just accept little pain will be there after delivery take rest.
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Question: Question: Can anyone suggest some good hospital for delivery in Gurgaon and share their experience in a chosen hospital.
Answer: Hey i know only two gyne are ggn and both are experts in thier feild. Dr. aarti gupta from mayom hospital and dr. Aruna Kalra from c.k. Birla hospital
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Question: Hello.. can anyone please share their experience of normal delivery with epidurals (painless normal delivery)? Are therr any risks involved?
Answer: with the epidural you will not feel the lower half of your body it has its own risks and advantages spinal-epidural blocks make labor a less laborious and painful experience, but they're not risk-free. These drugs can have side effects, such as low blood pressure, itching, and headache. and you will not be able to walk for a few more hours after the epidural. Choice is yours
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Question: Can anyone share their C-section experience plz
Answer: I had c section i was really afraid of operation as i nvr go to hospital. I dnt have an experience of IV's. Wen i was in op theatre i was sweating in the chilled ac room. Anesthesian came to inject me in my spine i was literally crying inside i moved my body, anesthesian said dnt do tat if u cooperate thn u ll nt feel the pain this numbs ur lower body. My gynaec arrived with a smile. My operation started in a while. I was feeling slpy bt i couldnt slp. In 5 mins of tym baby was born and it was a boy, i was really happy and later aftr all the procedure i was taken to my room in stretcher i was going with full smile. I didnt slp the whole day in happiness. Slowly the pain started i counted stars during the pain. Second day i was in bed bt nurse asked whthr i can get up frm bed, i said i ll try. With the help of 2 nurse i gt up frm bed and walked 5 steps away frm bed. C section seems to be easy in the beginning but post operation wen ur anesthesia drains out u ll know the real pain. Bt u shld really have will power to go thru the pain as we r the mother of our beautiful junior version. It seems to be harder for me 5 days i tuk help of some one wen i get out frm bed. Rest i managed to do. It depends upon ur will power to get well soon. Dnt panic be happy.
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