Few days old baby

Question: Can anyone pls suggest me home made foods for a 6 months old baby who is gonna start to eat food first time..only home made preparation not any other pls...

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Answer: Plz check the website - www.mylittlemoppet.com
Answer: d anyaawad
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Question: hi my daughter is 8 months old and I was giving her cerelac only till now so can anyone suggest me home made foods for 8 months old baby
Answer: Hello dear... ragi is rich in calcium,iron and many nuutrients.. ragi porridge ,is well known food for babies,it is healthy too. Ragi flour and porridge recipe Soak ragi in water for 10 hours Once the ragi has well soaked,drain the water throughly Make a potluck with that ragi,and leave it for 10 hours to get sprouted Once they get sprouted,sundry them for a day After sundrying, dryroast the ragi, nicely Level it to oil,make it to fine powder in a blender After blending,seive the flour and transform into an air tight container Method of preparation Take two spoon of this powder with warm water,stir it till it come to porridge consitency, without any lumps ,add palmsugar , serve Wheat porridge is too nutritious and it is a good option to start solid,it is tummy filling and helps in weight gain Wheat porridge recipe Ingredient Whole samba wheat or broken samba rice -1/2 cup Formula milk powder 1tbsp Palm sugar - 1 tbsp Method of preparation Soak samba wheat in water for five hours,after soaking stain the water Add soaked wheat in a blender,blend it nicely to make puree Extract juice from puree,add formula powder to it Heat that puree in stove,cookwell to porridge consitency without any lumps,add palm sugar stir for two min,serve Mixed vegetable soup.. Mixed vegetable soup is high in nutrients and provide good digestion,you can start giving this soup daily to your baby to get all nutrients Mixed veg soup recipe Ingredient needed Carrot Beans Peas Pepper powder Salt Butter Method of preparation Steam all the vegetables in a steamer,after steaming make it to cool Blend all the steam vegetables in blender,strain the veg puree and extract it's juice Heat that extracted juice with pinch of salt, pepper powder and butter,serve
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Question: Hi mommies, pls suggest home made cerelac recepie for 6 month baby....or any instant food i can prepare....
Answer: Hi. Here is the baby Cerelac/Cererial recipe ingredient quantity & preparation method.. Cerelac IngredientsQuantity(in grams) Wheat50 grams, Rice50 grams Toor Dal10 grams Moong Dal (Green)10 grams Moong Dal (Yellow)10 Grams Masoor Dal10 Grams Dried Peas10 Grams Chana Dal10 Grams Jeera1 Teaspoon  Step By Step Preparation Instructions Make Baby Cerelac At Home Take all the ingredients except chana dal and jeera, and wash them well rinsing till the water runs clear Let them dry in the sun for 2 to 3 days Fry the sun dried ingredients without oil one by one at first Dry roast the daals till they turn crispy and get a golden color to the grains Now also add the chana dal and jeera, dry roasting all ingredients for a few minutes Grind them all in a mixer into a fine powder. Store it in an air tight container. You can give this to baby from 6 month to 12 months of age.
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Question: can you please tell me home made cerlac preparation for my 9 months baby
Answer: Mam i am three months pregnant i am suffering from tonsil and white spot in my throat what can i do please help
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