36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can anyone give me detailed information about normal and c section delivery

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Answer: Normal delivery means : the baby comes by cervix hole without any restrictions loosely and depends on your cervix length and baby position in cephalic. Cesearen : it depends on the condition of yourself and your baby . Sometime all condition are allowed to normal delivery but baby get the placenta to him and baby position breech operation prefer. If loss of afl they do c sec . Don't think about it. Just go on. Face the situation for your baby dear... All the best
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Question: Hi i am 34 week pregnant. This is my first baby. Can anyone say me about c section and normal delivery. And please give me more tips...
Answer: Hi Dear....you should definitely go for normal delivery unless you don't have any medical problem....in normal delivery you will feel pain till your baby comes out and after that you will be able to recover in few days however in c section doctor will give anesthesia in your half lower part and baby will come out in few mins but all pain will start after the anesthesia effect gone..you will have to take pain killers for several days and will feel difficulty in moving and breastfeeding till your wound gets heal and after that your back pain can create much problem (did in my case)...also c section is a major operation and has some side effects on baby as well...whereas it is said that normally delivered baby do have little bit strong immunity compared to c section baby... I will also suggest don't think about it much everything will be fine and at the end it's important to give birth to a healthy child not the delivery process.....all the best....happy pregnancy.
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Question: im in 9 month pregnancy im having my frst delivery sooo anyone can say about or vll give the detailed information regarding to labour I was soo woried
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to be worried or tensed. Labor is like m menstrual cramps which are more painful. Generally when it initially starts, the pain comes and goes at fixed interval which slowly increases in pain and the interval gap also decreases. Try to walk a lot and stay active. Practice deep breathing exercises to help you through labor.
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Question: Can anyone give me information about stem cell banking and it's cost.
Answer: An amniotic stem cell bank is a facility that stores stem cells derived from amniotic fluid for future use.the sample can later be retrieved only by that individual and for the use by such individual or, in many cases, by her or his first-degree blood relatives.Cost varies frm bank to bank.
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