1 months old baby

Question: Can anybody plz help...dr. prescribed a syrup promethazine phenergan once my baby 10 days old and he was gone through circumcision..we gave him the syrup thrice not knowing the effects of the syrup and just blvd that the baby just sleeps well.. now yesterday he had his 6 weekly vaccination and was crying a lot...just make him relieved and make him sleep well his father gave him the syrup once again at nyt...I was still sceptical about it hence I googled it ..now m shocked to see the side effects of the syrup and how fatal is the medicine..it is not given to the babies under 2 yrs old than why dr.prescribed such medicine??...m very very scared wat should I do as its already given to him unknowingly...plz can anybody help

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Answer: Please change your doctor this is really sad. it was not correct
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Answer: Weight gain give banane, mangoes, add ghee butter to the diet , yogart and mixed fruit. Cheese And nuts such as almond and cashew. Potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, non veg good like meat eggs and fish. Avoid junk food and cold drinks.
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