2 years old baby

Question: can any 1 tell me wn can baby start talking sentences???ma son s 2 years 3 months bt just say words...n very rarely

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Answer: Every one have their own pace. Don't worry. Consult paed.
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Question: Hello doc my baby boy is 19 months old he is not talking any words sometimes he says ma pls tell what can i do
Answer: Hi,don't worry it is ok as some babies achieve their milestones a little later as compared to some other babies Don't worry,if the baby has achieved all other milestones in time Try to help baby to speak by talking to the baby maintaining the eye contact This will help the baby to pick up words and make an effort to speak All the best
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Question: My son is 3 years and 4 monts old but he didn't start talking...he olny speak few words ..is there any problem with him or it is normal???
Answer: Don't get too worried as he is only 3 and it's good that you are concerned and try to work on it, like some baby starts walking late same ways some babies start talking late you can try encourage speech and language by talking with her about EVERYTHING Explain what you are doing in the car, in the kitchen, at the shops, at your social outings. Talk a lot. And ask lots of questions to elicit some kind of response. “What can you see?” , “What would you like most to play with?”, “What should we make for morning tea today?”, “Which friend would you like to play with?” These questions will encourage her to make conversation.  u give her speech therapy. check with your child, if he rolls her tongue, can stick his tongue out. Basically mouth exercises. MAke him blow a candle with a huff sound. A speech therapist will be able to help the child use the tongue and mouth properly to make sounds. Make sure that your child is not eating soft foods only, is he using her tongue and teeth properly while eating 
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Question: My son is 28 months ..He is not talking ..,.wen he z around 10-13 months he used to say amma thatha atha n a few words .later he stopped everything.He understands n hears very very nicely..but he is not reciprocating by words...He is doing signatures for evrything.Is the thing to be worried?
Answer: Hello, Dear if baby completely don't say any word then it's something you can talk to your doctor about it. But if he says even 1or 2 words then don't worry just keep talking to him and encourage him to speak . Don't give him whatever he wants until he says something. Or let him listen rhymes and sing rhymes to him and he will soon start banking with it..
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Question: Hi .My baby is 2 years old.He is very active,but he does not start talking.kindly tell me anybody when he is start talking.
Answer: My understanding is normally baby boys will be late in speaking when compared to girl babies.Thats normal, try to be more interactive with him. In all that he do ask him to repeat your sayings..start with relationships like mamna daddy and then go with objects, slowly he will start talking..
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