2 years old baby

Question: can any 1 tell me wn can baby start talking sentences???ma son s 2 years 3 months bt just say words...n very rarely

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Answer: Every one have their own pace. Don't worry. Consult paed.
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Question: My baby is 2 years 5 months,, he just says single words (colors, abc, 123,n many 1 words) ...v rare 2 words like mumma come.. Let's go... Does not say rhymes.. Just a word or 2 from it...is this normal.. I checked wd his dr.. He said put him in school.. He wil start his school from june..TIA
Answer: Hi dear , whatever you said about your baby it is absolutely normal in his age. Firstly don't talk to your baby in multiple languages. Let him learn his mother language first which you people are using at home. If you will expose your baby in multiple languages like Hindi English or any regional language then the outcome will be very poor. Yes you doctor suggested absolutely right, let your child meet with similar aged children ,it will help him to develop faster. Take care of your baby.
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Question: My son is 2 yrs n 2 months he does not speak only few words he says like mummy papa only one letter words he understand everything but doesn't make sentences.is there any way to develop his sentences
Answer: By 2 years we expect children to be able to speak sentences of minimum 4 words each.You should address this issue to your doctor and may be speech therapy can be started.It is also important to know if your child achieved all the other milestones in time or were those delayed too.
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Question: My Son is now 2 yr & 3months..but he can speak only 5/6 words.. But after some days.. He doesn't say those words...He can say Mom, Ma but.... He never called me.... As Ma...
Answer: hello dear some babies do start talking late but if baby don't say even 5-6 words then it is something that you should get baby checked by a speech therapist because some time baby needs a bit push to start talking also make sure to talk a lot with your baby make him listen rhymes and saying to him because that encourages the baby....
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Question: Hello doc my baby boy is 19 months old he is not talking any words sometimes he says ma pls tell what can i do
Answer: Hi,don't worry it is ok as some babies achieve their milestones a little later as compared to some other babies Don't worry,if the baby has achieved all other milestones in time Try to help baby to speak by talking to the baby maintaining the eye contact This will help the baby to pick up words and make an effort to speak All the best
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